The 88's are a band with influences of Hard Rock, Progressive Rock, Funk and Latin music. Based in Shanghai, China and formed in 2011 by guitarist Luis Coelho, the band includes vocalist Pheel, drummer Joe Mahone and bassist Michael Hiller.

The band combines the raw energy and dynamic charisma of Pheel, the rock and latin guitar influences of Luis, the hard rock and funk drumming of Joe, and the groove bass playing of Michael.

Luis, Pheel, Joe and Bulent (the former bass player) first met on stage during a jam session in 2009, and the guys continued jamming regularly. Audiences were left in no doubt of their ability to rock, but the idea of starting a band was delayed due to conflicts in their busy schedule. In 2011, that idea came to fruition and Luis decided to write songs for an original band. He had a clear agenda: to write music that caputred the intensity and chemistry of the band live, and in the studio. With his musical ideas in place and with Pheel’s lyrics and vocal melodies, the band came together to record their demo. These 5 original tracks were arranged, produced, mixed and mastered by Luis. Soon after recording, Bulent departed and Michael Hiller joined the ranks as the new bass player. This is how The 88's were born.

In the studio and in live performance, The 88’s are sometimes joined by special guest vocalist Lola. The beautiful track “Shanghai Balada“ was a collaboration between her and vocalist Pheel. Her singing style at times will remind the listener of great artists such as Janis Joplin, and neo-soul artists like Erykah Badu.


The 88's play shows that rock audiences. From the first note, to the final "thank you", The 88's energize and inspire!

The band is constantly writing and recording new music, and is preparing for their first shows abroad.

The diverse cultural and musical backgrounds is what makes The 88’s unique:

Luis Coelho

hailing from Portugal, has his roots in Latin, Progressive Rock, and Fusion. His influneces, like his guitar playing, are also very diverse. They include artists such as Joe Satriani, Al Dimeola, and Guthrie Govan. Bands such as Metallica, Megadeth, and Dream Theater are also an inspiration.


hailing from France, is influenced by artists such as AC/DC, Rage Against The Machine, The Rolling Stones, and Radiohead. In live performaces he will occasionally play acoustic guitar, and will add a Ray Charles tune for good measure!!!

Joe Mahone

from New York City, draws his inspirations from Classic Soul and Funk music, but his musical tastes are diverse as well. His influences are artists such as James Brown, Parliament-Funkadelic, Led Zeppelin, and Bad Brains. Drummers such as Clyde Stubblefield, John “Jabo“ Starks, Melvin Parker, and John Bonham are among his favorites. Joe continues to promote the influence and power of African-Americans in rock music.

Michael Hiller

hailing from Nashville Tennessee, also has a very diverse list of influneces.  Michael comes from a soul, funk, and jazz background, and he’s played in various gospel bands as a teenager. His inspirations come from bassists such as Flea, Billy Cox, John Paul Jones, and Duck Dunn.