Terrific drumming and guitarmanship highlight this international power trio whose "You gotta give a damn" delivers an avalanche of straightforward rockisms at a relentless pace. Though singer Pheel Duarte's English is slightly accented, he takes command mid-song and drives it home. The instrumental "Pride" showcases dexterity and beautiful tone, and it promises majesty - even some harpsichord - but ultimately stranded us. The band truly shines on the ambitious "Get me through", prig rock at its finest.
Music Connection Magazine
If "Metallica and System of a down had a child" - this awesome band would be it - production and guitar work and composition is this bands secret weapon - their final blow is the melody and catchy numbers / the crescendos and tempo changes may i dare say are similar to Gogol Bordello and in some weird world- guitar work is similar to Queen/Muse - vocals are exactly as these should be- Infinite- definitely ..
Chris Leyva (Black Cherry Group)
"The 88's have a multi cultural lineup, making music in China, Portugal, France and the US. Joe Mahone brings the hard rock/metal drive through excellent drumming, Pheel Duarte feeds the songs with dynamic vocals, while Luis Coelho enriches The 88's music with Latin guitar influences."
Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz, Fabryka Music Magazine
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“Lovers of hard, angry rock with a difference will be completely sold. If you like pop/rock/metal in general, then I guarantee that The 88's will make you sit up at attention.”
Bill Smith, BILLCS Music Blog
“Get Me Through” from rock trio 88’s grinds and grimaces with all the fervor of a blow torch—and yet there’s more to the savvy musicianship of this act, fortified with touches of jazz and acoustic mastery. Surprises abound in the most gratifying way.
Chuck Taylor - Song Critic @ Billboard Magazine
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